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Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang

Studying in Germany

Are you coming from abroad and would like to study in Germany?

Immediate study preparation and organisation will be needed to make your stay here a success.

The „ Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang“ abbr. DSH is the entry card to studies in Germany. Here you have to prove that you can attend and follow seminars and lectures without trouble, and that you do not have a problem with working with academic texts.

DSH course

GoAcademy gets you ready for the exam!

For many years, our trainers have taught students from all over the world in special DSH courses to prepare them for the exam. Our language trainers know what is expected in the exam and will give you enough materials to prepare adequately for the exams.

There will be nothing to stand in your way when you take up studies in Germany!

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DSH Standard course B2+

DSH Standard course

The DSH preparation course is a standard course
It entails 20 lessons per week – 4 lessons per day.
The course duration is 3 weeks

DSH Standard course B1

DSH Intensive courses

This DSH language course is the most intensive
and the fast form to prepare for the exams.
It lasts 12 weeks, with 20 lessons per week

DSH One to one course

DSH One to one course

This DSH Language course is the most flexible and individual form of preparation for the exams.
You can organise individually how you want to take either 10, 20, or 50 lessons.

Info – About DSH

Info – About DSH

For whom, what are the requirements?, How do you prepare yourself?      How much does the exam cost?, Who is exempted from the DSH?

Info – DSH levels

Info – DSH levels

Representation of the correlation DSH levels and the provision of language competence on the Common European Framework of Reference.

Info – DSH audit process

Info – DSH audit process

This page informs you about the oral and written part of DSH
and DSH examples tasks and sample tests.


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